Swing or take a fixed risk/reward, there must be more possibilities

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    I have a system, that tells me if an instrument is AIL (always in long) or AIS.
    GC 30min Globex chart in that case.

    According to that I take several different types of trades:
    - stop entries above/below bars (SE)
    - B below and S above a bar (BB, SA)
    - B or S the last bar's Close (lmt C)

    I marked the initial risk of every trade (the brown markers) and the multiples of that as reward (the blue markers)

    I marked the return, that a swing trader would achieve with the light green arrows. But that would mean to spend the entire day watching markets and tighten stops.

    I'm trying to find a method, that tells me around certain price areas (the multiples of my initial risk), whether it's likely that the next multiple could be possible or not.
    Often the swing stop is pretty far away and that would mean give back a lot of profits.

    Also I would like to be able to hold some trades overnight as there are some epic ones out there.[​IMG]
    e.g. the 1st long.
    Cheers, Thomas

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    this is what I mean with epic, we dropped another $6 until just now
    we went 1t below the 3x initial risk (IR) of the last SA short and you can see, that there were tails at 1x and 2x IR as well, so the targets seem to be pretty spot on, just need to know what to choose :D
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