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    I would like to do the following;

    Plot swing and high low points on price and then display them as horizontal lines to the right of the swing high/low points, these lines should remain in place until violated by price.

    Does anyone know which software you can do this with, I believe many packages will plot swing high/low but I am not aware of one that will do what I want?

  2. depends on your charting program.
    Tradestation easy language will do this (currently I believe only compatible with tradestation or Multi-charts), TRO "the rumpled one" has created many indicators which can be found on www.kreslik.com. the indictor you are suggesting I believe is called dynamic S/R...
    If you read Anekdotens thread on AHG http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=99283, you will see examples of the indicator in some of Anek's posted charts... the code is posted as well. Not to mention an excellent thread by a very generous and kind individual...

    Good luck
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    I like the dynamic s/r indicators you mention. I tried to get Quotetracker people to duplicate it but they werent interested. If enough people requested it they might though.
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    Thanks for the reply, I had a look at thread you suggested and the Kreslik site.

    Unless I am missing something, this is not quite what I am after.

    The dynamic support indicator you pointed me towrads seems to cancel the horizontal line if a new swing high/low is formed, I would like all the swing highs/lows to remain in place unless violated?
  5. Can't you just draw a horizontal line at the swing high/low, then "leave" it.?
  6. I know... I really like the way QT scales in and out of dwgs, intuitive drawing tools and overall ease of use. It is a shame, that QT doesn't have the ability to identify user defined swing points. If they could do that and have the ability to mark current (and past) positions, stops and exit orders on the chart it would be hard to beat. Chart trading is fantastic for discretionary trading. Ninja does, however, their chart tools feel awkward.

    You can't execute of the chart as in Ninja, but with such a vast library of indicators for Easy language tradestation seems the best alternative. Maybe Multicharts, will have to see how version 2.2 turns out (1st quarter of 2008).

    In the meantime, I opened an account with tradestation... never hurts to have additional back up brokers, especially after yesterdays IB outage...

    Blue skies and tailwinds...
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    Thats what I do at the moment, however its not great for backtesting
  8. It is a really long thread and the file is hard to locate... I believe around 8/7/07 a zip file was posted and just before that is a chart drawing showing the S/R lines... I believe they remain in place... on 8/10/07 on the thread code is posted for a dynamic Fibs indicator which references pivot hh, LL's. You may need to search a few weeks before and after as well... good luck...

    Aneks charts evolved over the course of the thread and not all charts show the S/R...
    Next week I will be learning with tradestation platform and will attempt to load the indicators... I'll post my results if successful.

    hope it helps...
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    Here is a text file of a TS Showme that will post the lines you want. This is TRO's code as you will see.