Swine Flu stocks?

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    Any one have a good list ready? I guess we could rehash any list made during SARS
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    Read the other swing flu threads. This should be deleted.
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    I looked at the previous thread and one guy mentioned a few stocks. I was hoping for a more direct discussion of at least a dozen stocks for Monday.
  4. Forget the "Stocks"... good luck trying to Time yourselfs on this event, ....to get into the right Pharam's.

    But watch and see how well Socialized medican does. Watch the death toll in Mexico City vrs the US cities.

    For all you OBAMA FANS...keep an eye out on the Death tolls in both countries and that will give you, your proof on Health care.

    No idea if this is gona turn into a Pandemic Like SARS almost did or if this will die off.

    Nevertheless, be thankful that our Medical Industry isn't "Socialized" by the idiots in DC.
  5. Watch the lean hog mkt. If they start "cleaning out" sick hog supplies, you could see some price dislocations in the meat complex.
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    We had some nice gains in 2006 with a basket of Bird Flu stocks, starting out again with five likely beneficiaries of Swine flu mania:

  7. Thank you, it's not the stocks that are the story, it's the futures that will tell the tale.
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    If you think that our "managed care" Health System, in its current form, is good, then please tell me what you are smoking, so I can try some.............
  9. what about buying in to Roche? It's fairly low to begin with and should be in upward trend, maybe this will get it going faster.


    I like the idea of buying those pennies BUT they could tank on a dime and never recover for years!
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