Swine Flu: European Governments care more about their citizens?

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  1. I'm a little annoyed Napolitano didn't close the border and quarantine certain passengers from air-travel. At least the Europeans issued legitimate travel advisories, and Russia stopped importing meat. All the health emergency thing did was shift vaccine stockpiles and enable military monitoring, ... but the border is still wide open.

    Why does our government do this? It's totally counter-intuitive to make the political correctness trade-off for the lives and health of millions of Americans across all different ethnic groups. I am so incredibly pissed off at how our government handled this situation.

    This really isn't the first time either. Go down to SoCal and find out how tuberculosis is on the rise. What the hell is wrong with this government? I've never seen such immense stupidity in the face of a crisis -- arguably, this is far worse than Katrina.
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    It's in NY closing the border would do zip.
  3. NAFTA and geographical proximity.
  4. We Europeans are fear-mongers. There's absolutely no reason to advice people not to travel to the US or Mexico. The swine flu is yet another hyped media-disease that's really only caused trouble in Mexico. As long as there's a watchful eye on those with flu-like symptoms, there's absolutely no reason to panic. I'm going to the US soon, no matter what some stupid official tells me to.
  5. right. they just pointed out on cnbc that 34000 people die every year from flu in the us.
  6. So true; another example is food poisoning, Salmonella. People want to eat rare meat and raw vegetable, but don't want to get salmonella, go figure. People have ran out common senses long time ago.
  7. You point regarding European governments being? This flu is completely treatable if only discovered in time. Take your precautions and you'll be fine to travel to Mexico or the US. How many occurrences does the US have speaking? 50-100..? Is that enough to be fearful upon travelling to the US?
  8. some mexican lookalike creature was coughing on the subway today:mad:

    i seriously dont feel too good now:mad:
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    with your name u should be more tolerant..
  10. in this day and age of technology, medicine and communication, a pandemic is very unlikely to occur.
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