swine flu-1976 documentary.

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  1. This CBS episode came out in 1979 concerning the 1976 swine flu vaccine that killed more people than actually died from the virus. It also left many people with much neurological damage.

    Note: The original person that posted this documentary claims this episode was banned after the first showing.

    You will notice in the video that they are making the vaccine pretty much the same way they make it today...with chicken eggs.

    I know I aint injecting that vaccine into me, thats for sure.

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    Today's liberals??
  3. Based on the number of people vaccined if there are zero cases of reaction, side effects, the vaccine was probably saline or something inert.
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  5. Wow...that is so sad. I wonder why she can run and walk backwards fine though?
  6. Yeah i dont understand either but i would prefer dying from swine flu to living helplessly, some people like Stephen Hawking are able to do it, but he is truly a gifted mind. I would never be able to live like that.

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  7. You don't have to worry about getting the vaccine because it is in such short supply and high demand that you will be lucky to get it. There is a near zero probability that it will be mandatory.

    Anything in medicine can be botched as was the case for some vaccines. But to say that they are using the same technology after 33 years is to beg one to believe that the 8080 CPU that powered the Altair 8800 is the same technology as the Intel i7.

    Celvapan is a Cell-Culture H1N1 Vaccine.