Swim with the Sharks

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  1. A traders life has phases just like anything else born.

    1.) Conception - I wanna be a trader - I'm tired of a dead end life.
    2.) Birth - I am a trader - Today I quit my old job.
    3.) Living - I could wander endlessly - How long will this take.
    4.) Maturity - I made it - I don't remember if I enjoyed anything along the way. Wher'd evbody goto?

    Most traders are worried about the sharks they see and even don't see, some traders get out in the water and swim with the sharks. Me, I'm on the shore cause I'm scared of sharks. But I have a proxy to swim for me.

  2. I prefer the military, sports and puzzle-solving metaphors instead of the predator & prey/jungle stuff. :cool:
  3. Oh I forgot - Then there's the Shark - I think that would be the market.

    ps I think the shark works for me cause I see so many here bleeding!

  4. Eight


    Markets... sharks.. more like a herd of cows..
  5. actually i can see that, sure. years ago chicago had those painted up plastic cows everywhere <http://www.chicagotraveler.com/cowmasterlist.htm> - i wanted one of those cows! in chi town in the pits we are called the paper...

    cows and sheep and a few wolves yea.
  6. LOL... what's with the predator/prey mentality?

    The market's not out to "get" anybody (well maybe forex brokers that trade against their customers)...

    I look at myself as a fly buzzin around a bull (the market). I'm just looking to pick off my little piece of this huge beast...

  7. Eight


    It is funny that a lot of people see trading as some kind of predatory thing. I guess they hear that some markets are zero sum and that makes them think it's like gladiators, one wins, one loses =zero sum... admittedly, all I've done is work on systems for a good number of years and I've been screen trading only about ten weeks and that on a simulator, but really, the job, the way I do it [intraday trend following] is about like operating a drawbridge on a river... I have to see that something is coming up and I pull the lever and watch for awhile and if everything looks ok I can go back to reading...
  8. good points all

    1.) i think "KNOW" most people who look at the markets as predatory are most likely those who are the least equipped. they refuse to work at learning anything significant - rather they look for the easy path which claim the highest returns for the least amount of effort. They are now providing their money into the markets to serve as liquidity.

    The danger is that all absence of fear is as bad as having fear.

    2.) the thinking i'm well equipped crowd are most likely well educated and trained in some other course than trading. of course having mastered one skill they surely can easily master the market.

    These people have the least chance of survival, cause there is no room in their brain other than the existing structure which has been built - most likely by someone else like teachers. Not possessing actual knowledge but rather acquired knowledge their roll is now to serve as liquidity.

    3.) the gambler need i say anything.

    4.) the real traders traits. most will not even consider themselves as being a successful trader as they have had no time to step back and take a look at what has been built from their hard work. they never know enough - they always look up to someone who they know for a fact is successful.