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    The Company is cooperating with a non-public, informal inquiry by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") relating to representations by certain presenters in certain portions of their presentations at some of the Company's seminars. The Company has been cooperating with and intends to continue to cooperate with the SEC. Because it is ongoing, the Company cannot predict the outcome of this informal inquiry at this time, and, as a result, no conclusion can be reached as to what impact, if any, this inquiry may have on the Company or its operations.
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  3. Let me add to that the fact that SWIM's platform is Java-based and now look at what's happening to the stock price of JAVA.
    Couple that with an announcement by the JCP that the programming language Java will NOT be supporting dual/quad core processors until 2010 at the earliest, and I hear the nails being pounded into Java's coffin.
    So if you are running a java-based platform like ThinkorSwim or Interactive Broker's TWS, you can blow all the money you want on fancy processors in an attempt to go faster. You may as well just take that money and burn it.
  4. It is run by Tim Knight so I would not be surprised.
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    That's true, but the JAVA platforms are fast as is with the latest mono core processors and the latest versions of Java. There does not, at this point, seem to be any need for a dual or quad core if you are a typical Java based platform user.