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  1. lojze


    Any good experiences with them?
    Or bad?
    Or perfect?

  2. maybe some good, probably some bad, but certainly not perfect. :)


    I traded with them last year (on the floor, not at home), left when my accound was down to my limit loss. My friend continued as prop trader, and he left when he realised that his trading style is not scalping for less than a penny.

    Cheers !!! :cool:
  3. bigscalper

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    These guys are horrible, management screws people all the time. They are currently being investigated by the NASD and the IDA for their trading practices, search through Yahoo Finance for recent press releases. Their in house software goes down all the time, it's called ProsperPro, or as their traders call it, PlopperPro. I would rather trade with TD Waterhouse then with Swift. Proceed with caution if you are going to trade with them.