Swifttrade trader payout

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by todd99jp, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. todd99jp


    Can anyone tell me EXACTLY what the payout structure is at the Swifttrade CORPORATE office (Toronto)? I thought it was a payscale of 35%-50% for new traders, 40%-55% once you've made over $120k, 45%-60% once you've made over $400k, and then negotiable once you've gotten over $1 million. Is this not correct?

    I'm not interested in whatever scam is going on at franchises in China, I want to know what the main Swifttrade office does.

  2. slepore


    Just asked that same question in an email to them the other day:

    We put up all of the capital that the traders use to trade, and take a cut of the profits. The profits are split as follows: Swift Trade takes 17% and the office gets 83%. Now, from this 83%, the office pays the traders. Traders start at 35% commission, and are capped at 60% after a certain level. Trader’s graduation times vary, depending on their trading style, market, etc. It usually takes 3-9 months to graduate.