SwiftTrade+Title Trading Vancouver Still Hiring??

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by deathgazer, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Hey,
    I'm just wondering if there's anyone from these firms in Vancouver and if they are still hiring.
    I've sent emails but it doesn't seem they reply.

    I'm very interested in prop trading but i don't have the capital that firms such as Bright Trading requires.
    I have been trading for 2 years but I just find it hard to make money daytrading if I can't afford 1000 shares.

    Like do you guys know if they take like 10 new trainees every month or is the turnover rate really low. It seems like they have hiring signs on their websites and craigslist/monster/kijji etc all the time.
  2. jj90


    They are hiring. Each branch is different. Resend those emails. I don't know about title, but at swift there has been a large intake recently and that maybe why they are being more selective.
  3. Totally unrelated, but I'll be in Vancouver this week: beautiful city!
  4. It rains alot. Very depressing during fall and winter.
  5. Swift Trade and Title are both hiring. I called both offices and checked. However, they are getting picky about the resumes they reply to. Too many applicants I was told.

    good luck!
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    I'm planning on moving to Vancouver in a year or so to join a trading firm. What do you think a potential applicant can do now to beef up the resume to get at least an interview? I have heard that having a some previous but consistent success in trading records to email them helps as well.
  7. Swift trade is right behind our Langley office, I suggest just dropping in and chatting with the manager.

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    i emailed swift and title, and got a response from pinnacle?

    are they the same firm ?

    do any of these firms require money deposit, and commissions ?
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