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    Hi guys!
    I've been working for swifttrade for last year. Made more than 100k in six months and started thinking about trading on my own account. Can you recommend me any trading platform which is as fast as swifttrade's corbita? I'm a scalper doing a lot of trades and need a platform with one key orders.
    Is it profitable to trade for yourself? Aren't the fees too high? At swift I pay about 5-6$ for every 1000 shares traded and every day I make 200-300 trades or more if I have to pay 10-15$ per trade it would be much harder to earn any money. From the other point of view at swifttrade I get paid only 15-35% of my net profit (depends on my profit at the end of the month).
    I live in Europe there isn't much choice of trading firms.
    Thanks for any advice...
  2. Hi Pedro,

    Iam a (european) cash product trader at Effective Traders, self backed and I get 100% of the profit and european hours. Look at their website. You can trade remotly or from their offices (Paris, Amsterdam). Fees are very competitive for a prop house. We clear with Goldman Sachs. Just drop them an email.
  3. Title trading can be a better option than Swiftrade. The payout structure is much better...

    take a look at www.titletrading.com
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  5. I can tell you what the best option for you is, as well as secondary and tertiary options, such that you can continue to trade as you are but take home a larger percentage of what you make.

    For me to do that, I need to know how many shares you're trading per day, or per month, and how much you're making (net) per month on average.

    You say 100k in 6 months. Did you trade 6 million shares in that period or 60 million shares?

    With this answer, I can tell you what your options are.