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    is true that swiits traders in montreal get payout of 90% due to compitition? Why not all traders around world get payout same amount?
  2. probably pretty impossible to figure that out seeing as new trainees guaranteed are not hired on at that rate, and existing people (if they happen to get that) would likely not tell or be told not to tell.

    Speaking of though.... i wonder how world trade securities or whatever is doing.
  3. how would a firm survive only keeping 10% and taking risk?
  4. Well thats not the normal rate (normally 35-50 [35-65 banded on performance]), but i guess the OP thinks that they jacked the rate up for current traders because there is a lot of competition in Montreal, and Swift doesn't want existing traders leaving for better pay.
  5. Well if one of these guys is making $40k per month then the company still gets $4k of this... If new guy blow can make even a fraction of this say $5K per month Swift takes 65% which is 3.25k... they still get more from taking only 10%... my numbers are probably off abit but you get the point... plus I think this office has probably the top couple of traders in the company so they don't want to risk losing these money makers...
  6. Also try working in in China they only give out something like 20% to the guys making $5k per month... hows that for economics...
  7. You guys have it all wrong. Swift Montreal pays out 150%. Title trading in Montreal pays out 180%, and World Trade Securities pays out 250%.

    Competition is really tough out here.
  8. lol Sam, how are ya doin'? :D Where did you guys move to since Simon and Danny parted ways with Swift?
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    Totally impossible, one of my friend work in Swifttrade Montreal, same payout as other branches
  10. I just found out thees guys are changing the prop Model , They have 17 branches around the world
    100% payout for branch managers who operate branches and 15cents/1000 mangers get back some kickback on volume , the only fee they charge is 25k per year depending on certain criterias. and they are self clearing.
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