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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by amanda, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. kwancy


    By the way, for anyone who wants to know more about Hamilton, ask MNX. He is the guy who cashing in the Hamilton branch, please kindly share MNX. Thanks.
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    4,5 people out of 10?? I don't think so Lokkie, both your class and my class did not hit that percentage. You, Eddie, Mark stay and then the rest are gone, Teddy, Lukasz and I stay and then the rest are gone. The rates are even lower for the latter classes (roughly 1 or 2 out of 6, and we still cherish John). But you are right, why not give it a shot Amanda??!!
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    amanda may i ask you what your current educational background is? and how you got the job offering?

    because i am currently going to a college (2nd year) but my gpa isnt that great around 3.2ish? and there is a swiftTrade locatoin here in vancouver, but the thing is i know completely nothing about trading and i am willing to dedicate my time to learning it even if i dont make a single penny
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    Trading has NOTHING to do with your education!!!
    You do not need to have say an MBA to get into Swift too. The company hires some high-school graduates.
    Dedicate your time to learn?!! you sure about that? Besides, it is not that your willingness to learn is the only factor in trading. Personal characteristics, your trading potential...etc also play very important roles.
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  5. I observed some awesome traders with high school dipolmas as their highest education. Ironically, there were people with MBA, masters degree, CFA II, etc who tried and never make the cut. Scarfy is right about the %, I revised it to 2,3 out of 10. Willingness to learn is great. To "learn" in this business means to get punished by the market and the willingness to accept mistakes.
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  6. amanda


    I think I will be working there.

    However, does anyone know if people can trade CME in that office? it seems all people there are trading nyse
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  7. They have a few CME products available to trade. ES for sure. I'm not sure about the other ones. You'll have to ask the branch manager.
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    Are they still paying out 20% there?
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  9. Most People who have MBA's, PhD's, and other education that requires a great number of years in school often have a false sense of intelligence. In some careers if you have an MBA or PhD, you will make oodles of money, but when they attempt to do something related - as in trading - most of the time they fail. They think there education will save them in regards to trading, but it often kills them.

    For you people with MBA's and PhD’s, I am not trying to take anything away from you at all. I am sure you are all well respected in your fields of study.

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  10. How do fresh high school graduates get into trading in the first place????? Don't swiftrade have any criterias in hiring people? such as a degree requirement or a diploma. Sounds like it's easier to get into swiftrade than working for a burger joint.
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