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  1. Hello,

    Where do you trade? For how long? Is there any great guys on your office? How was your learning curve?

    Since information about the different offices of our company is a bit scarce I thought of a place (meeting point) where anyone could introduce himself.

    It will be great to compare methodologies and to know where we could spend the next summer on a different office!

    Thanks in advance
  2. I am trading in Barcelona for about 2 months with lots of about 600 shares moving 12000 shares on a day on average!
    We are about 15 guys!
  3. Laughs.
  4. KATM


    where are you guys from.How long have you been in Barcelona?
  5. Around Barcelona there are 3 ST offices (Center, Esplugues and Sant Cugat). The oldest has 2 years of activity with very experienced traders!

    Where is your ST office?
  6. KATM


    I also trade in one of Barcelona offices.Did you graduate already?where are u from?
  7. danileva


    wsup barcelona. im from st buenos aires. we also been operating 2 years ago and i have been trading only one. most of our traders are nyse`s....... im on nasdaq and its becoming a little harder to make money. saludos a ignferra y ardemo........tengan buen trade!!!!
  8. Still trading??
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