Swift trade's fee structure

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by nddndd, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. nddndd


    Can anyone tell me the fee structure of Swift Trade? How much is it for clearing (per share or per trade), ECN charge, software fees, entitlement, NYSE openbook fee or any other fees? Thank you.
  2. Its extremely cheap to trade with swift trade. Execution and clearing are 0.01 per hundred shares up to 3800 shares = to 0.38 which is the cap, any order filled above 3800 ishares is capped at 0.38 cents. Plus SEC fee, plus ECN fees which are universal. Either way swift is a good entry point but does not pay out well enough to maintain traders. And entitlements are like 130 for NASDAQ and like 70 for NYSE plus another like 10 or 20 for ARCA book NY book, and the NASDAQ single book. Then the branch might charge like 100 for a seat. I used to pay about 200 per month for entitlements an a seat fee. When I smartened up and decided I could do better I switched firms.
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    what is swift's payout?