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  1. bradstal


    Anyone currently work in vancouver location for swift trade?

    If so, whats ur experience and how is the pay structure?

  2. GGSAE


    If you're in Vancouver i'd forget swift and look into the pair trading setup...surprised Don hasn't cued in yet. :)
  3. bradstal


    care to explain why swift in vancouver isn't a good choice?

    what are the other alternatives?


    is pair trading another prop shop or do they offer courses only? can u please explain
  4. Bright Bros has an office up there supposedly very good for pairs trading. To be honest if you have the cash and do the series 7 they are a better long term option than Swift
  5. bradstal


    Thanks for the info.

    For some reason i'm having a hard time coming up with with bright bros location in vancouver, although i see on their web site supposedly they have an office here.

    I am new to prop trading, so may i ask why you don't think swift is not a good place to work or start? why is bright supposedly better?

    If you also happen to know about the percentage of profits that swift at vancouver lets u keep, i would appreciate it
  6. If you are new you can always give swift a shot you dont need any qualifications or deposit money like you do at Bright. Though you will only get about 30% after costs so you wont make squat for at least 5-8 months
  7. bradstal


    when u say 5-8 months, does it mean they increase the percentages? what is the highest percentage swift would split?
  8. I know quite a few guys there everyone starts on 30% you make more money you get a bigger cut.

    Start making money and being positive month on month then worry about the next level as most never get that far.
  9. GGSAE


    What he said :)

    Swift is okay to start out but very few stay for the long haul...they have offices everywhere and you just happen to live in an area with a concentration of very good traders trading through Bright in B.C. Check out all the various firms (not sure who else is there, title?) so you get a good idea what's best for you.
  10. Title Has a location in Vancouver and seems a much better choice in regards to payout and overall company structure
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