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  1. i don't have much finance background but i do watch and papertrade US stocks, how do i get around this i wanna make a good impression, i find it really exciting to trade for a living



  2. I think you're on the right track in starting with paper trading. However, the number one thing any prop firm might be concerned about is whether you'll freak out or not when you put real money at risk.

    If you're not used to trading at all, maybe it would be better to start with swing trading (2 to 5 days) with small amounts of money (like $1000). Once you see how hard it is to stay focused or be "objective" when you have real money in the markets, you may even reconsider your choice.
  3. Don't worry they take anyone with a heartbeat you are just a number to swifttrade and the likes. To get the job, in your hobbies put down sports, chess, and some interest in stock market not too much. If you have some sports accomplishments fake or real put them down too. Just pick a sport your body type can support.

    CV and resume is the same thing btw.

    In your cover letter say you are determined you never give up and are devoted to anything you do 100%.

    And don't put down you trade forex whether real or demo. It makes you look like a retard. If you are making 100% return in your forex demo account why do you need swifttrade for? You can just put down 100$ leverage 1:1000 and own the world in few weeks time. So don't be a retard no forex!!!
  4. i mentioned that im interested in the stock market and my goal is to be a daytrader managing lots of money, i told em i know basics about charts and indicators and entering and exiting positions, they emailed me back and want to interview me next week.. ill let yall know what happens.

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    You've already got it...as long as you show up and maybe even if you don't..lol
  6. ^^^

    haha that would be nice, i just hope they dont ask me for 500 bucks or some shit.. that would totally be a rip off.
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    If swift is charging people these days to be 'trained' tell them to shove it up their ass!
  8. I made the mistake of saying I had read books on swing trading so one prop firm never took me too seriously. Then they made me an offer where they would train me and everything but I'd have to give them $2000 as a deposit. And the payout deal and everything was totally changed. However, I just stopped receiving unemployment insurance and I couldn't do it.

    I couldn't make up my mind whether I really wanted to work there. I mean the guy who wanted to hire me was really cold and distant, almost angry. And I thought maybe one of the advantages of working in a prop firm would be to become friends with others who trade the markets. But, I can't make friends with people who are like aggressive or whatever like that.

    I'm not even sure what to do now. I'll either have to go apply for a regular type of job or go on Welfare pretty soon. lol, I have almost no money left. I just spent several months on unemployment insurance reading on trading and I'm happy because I had a chance to finally combine a lot of different ideas on trading into something that makes sense to me. I finally know how I want to trade but I ran out of money. HAHA!.
  9. lol im in the same boat i got laid off from my job after 2 years of service. now im getting welfare checks ive been on it for 2 months, im getting really bored and the pay is only 1500/month, im thinking of getting this trading job and even getting a 2nd job to supplement my income, try that man so you can get some extra money and at the same time build up your trading skills.

    also do you know if my EI will get cut off if i take this swiftrade job, i know they wont pay me for months until i become profitable, also which prop fim did you apply for ?



  10. Hilarious.:D
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