Swift Trade vs. Brite Trading convince me which is best...

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    Im looking at both firms right now. Both are probably the best possible prop firms out there right now. Convince me which one is better. Im on the sidelines right now...
  2. WTF?

    One is a retail/training for a fee(Lol Don) company the other one is no deposit prop shop? How can you even compare?

    Either way if you can get into swifttrade do it, then when you are there you will decide what to do next. Usually its not bright.
  3. LOL, completely different business models. When I last had dinner with Charles Kim, co-owner of Swift, we had a long conversation. Charles actually came to my training a few years ago to see if he really wanted to be in the trading business... a really nice, and smart guy.

    Anyway, last time we met he explained that he hires 19 year guys to basically play video games for rebates because he has a grandfathered in method with Penson to be charged virtually zero in commission rates (they had some "deal" years back).

    He likes his expansion to China, where traders are willing to take even less of a cut, down from 50% to around 10%. Swift does very well, pays a lot of fines (sorry Charles, LOL)...but the two of them make a lot of money.

    Charles explained that when the traders get a bit older, and actually want to learn about real trading, he sends them to Bright Trading, LOL...and he's sent several.

    Zero down, play for rebates (primarily)...either make some money or go away.

    Or, put money down, get into actual trading for a living, keep 100% of your profits with a U.S. Firm.

    I honestly think, since there are no similarities, that either would be an option for some people.

    Say Hi to Charles for me if you go there!

  4. govno


    Don is telling the whole truth

    if he was bullshiting I would call him on it, but its all true

    I went to swift in Vancouver few years ago, and when I saw what the deal was, I said no thanks

    Manager told me on my way out, "good luck"

    I said

    No no good luck to you

    Swift closed in Vancouver LOL
  5. Don is advertsing like always. He keeps mentioning charles everytime swift comes up to add credibility to his posts. Hhahah China 10%... maybe 5 years ago. I actually don't believe a 70% of what Don says anymore(it was 30% before this post). The info he is spilling in this post is 5 years old. I can't belive he would stoop so low as to bash swifttrade. Yes I am sure charles sends people all the time. Its just how nice charles is. And he dosn't think his traders are real like your traders. Because they are stupid 19 year old kids playing video games.

    I wish Charles would come on here and defend Don to shut me up. LOL

    BTW Don, Charles came over to steal trading ideas. So did a number of other Swift managers, After that they produced a presentation for all the Traders with concepts he learned from you like OPG. Besides the OPG our manager said the training was worthless LOL LOL
  6. This user is Port1385 again.
  7. You hunter you ;)

    This thread was funny when it started, then it became hilarious when people actually started responding.
  8. LOL, I don't normally get involved in silliness like this, but I'll give Charles a call, maybe we can do aPaltalk discussion together. I've done that with other friends.

    (My dinner with Charles was in January, btw, not 5 years ag)... and I don't bash Swift, I actually respect their success.... as I've always said, just 2 different business models.

    All the best,

  9. "Swift does very well, pays a lot of fines (sorry Charles, LOL)."

    "when the traders get a bit older, and actually want to learn about real trading"

    Yes these two statments are not negative at all, with friends like you who need enemies? LOL
  10. Swift might have had many credit traders before reg NMS, but after NMS took away Attain most of the credit traders perished.
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