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  1. Swift Trade?
  2. Bg trader

    Bg trader

    of course-Swift Trade
  3. If I am in Canada, I'll definitely go to Swift Trade. I heard Szeven made a million dollars a year at Swift Trade, that's Canadian dollars, not devalued US dollars.
  4. I made good money at Title Trading. I made 20k my first year and around 60k during my second when I worked at Swift Trade.

    But, of course, theres no Title money without Swift Trade starting me.
  5. Thanks for correcting me. :p
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    Kudos Szeven on your block-buster year, and even more so, for your giving credit where credit is due by not forgetting who and where made your success possible.
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    what is the purpose of this thread?
  8. Entertainment.

    I, for one, was certainly amused.
  9. You're funny.