Swift Trade Interview

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  1. What is the Swift Trade interview process like? Should I dress casual? Any tips or pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Tums


    show up like a punk with wealthy parent?
  3. i would like to know too.

    hope someone with an "insider's" knowledgeble, honest & helpful answer will post.
  4. is this a real question??

    Go to the interview like any other interview.

    well dressed..
    look neat..
    and answer all questions truthfully.

    that is all...
  5. Get your self one of these; guaranteed to get hired!
  6. You need to go there in a beater car, look like you stayed up all night, drink a few right before and tell them your there for the job. In a few years your worth millions.

    Go Swift-Trade!!!
  7. bradstal


    which swift trade office are u going to?
  8. mnx


    are you really gonna believe anything that this guy says? jk LOL

    anyways, treat it like any other interview like the guy above said... have you had other interviews before? This one while it might be a little different it's not that big a deal.... It's not like your interviewing at goldman sachs...

    - mnx
  9. Dress kinda nerdy, if you look too good it dosnt work everyone in the office wears shorts, I see people who look like there interviewing for a style contest and they never last, look as if you been in a lab studying the markets, best of luck!

    PS. The hard part is not the interview its being able to last.
  10. hughb


    I've heard about prop firms asking math questions during the interview, and gaming questions too. WTF for? If I were hiring a trader I wouldn't care if he could compute 14568 * 568 in his head. That's got nothing to do with trading. neither does knowing what poker hand to bet with.
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