Swift Trade interview tomorrow

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by bootylicious, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Hi, I got an interview from Swift Trade tomorrow in toronto.
    This is my first interview so I absolutely have no idea what it will be like.
    Any swift traders can give me some advice on what is the interview like and what are the interview questions?
    Thanks a million.
  2. Notin' to worry 'bout! Just bring the cash and/or checkbook and you're hired!
  3. wear your McDonalds uniform. they will love it!
  4. Sounds really easy to get in, I don't have a McDonald uniform, does overweight count?
  5. yep. just tell them thats all you ever wanted to do, etc, look them in the eye and show you are hungry.
  6. landboy


    i think i answered every question WRONG in the interview and I still got it, I wasn't hungry at all and I remained sceptical throughout... and I STILL got hired
  7. I passed the first round of interview successfully without answering the questions very seriously. I just made up some lame answer for some of the questions. Like what's your biggest fear? I never thought about my fear in career or at work. So I said spider. lol I even laughed to my answer. Somehow, I made it through.
    Now I am facing a bunch of questions which I have no idea of so far. Maybe I will have the best answers once I get drunk. Just don't know why the interview process is so complicated. If I keep losing money, I will quit in two months. I won't stick that long if I couldn't make a profit, it would be very frustrating for myself, plus, maybe it is a sign that this job is just not right for me. This is the first commission based job that needs more than two round of interviews that I heard of.
  8. landboy


    Good job booty... honestly the interview is a bit of a farce, it's more of a chance for YOU to do your due dill, make sure you get to meet the franchise owner, ask what the fees are, as what product you will be trading... They do the interview to add legitimacy, and to make sure you're there to AT LEAST try not to lose money. You are given a 50 dollar limit each and every day. Now if you lose 50 bucks every single day you're just not trying, plus you're swing for the fences. That's kinda the type of person they're trying to avoid. They're also trying to avoid people who hold onto losers beyond the limit

    good luck with the "second round"

  9. This is a terrible attitude in my opinion. If you expect to make money in 2 months you are only kidding yourself. Most people reach the 2000 graduation point in 3-6 months.

    Most things they try to 'teach' you aside from what key does what will probably be garbage and the best thing you can hope for is a non controlling manager where once you make money you can do whatever you want.

    Good luck.