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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Pi23, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Pi23


    What are present Swift Trade commission? I can see from your blotters that you don't pay execution fees, so what is Swift Trade charging you? You dont pay anything to Swift? Only SEC, ECNs, etc. fees? Or are you paying anything?
  2. Datradr


    i believe they charge like 22 cents per trade roughly...but someone would have to confirm that. They charge low commission cuz the pay-out is low.
  3. Pi23


    Look at the Swift blotter:


    It looks like Swift does not charge Execution fee. I used to work there in 2005 an AFAIR they used to charge execution fee.
    Gateway fee are propably ECN fees, SEC is SEC of course.

    I think SWIFT fees are only Activity Fee

    Can anybody tell me what is CLR/TRX fee?

    If the only Swift fee is Activity fee that it looks like Swift takes only 0.03 / 1000 shares. It is extremaly low? Is that true?

    Or maybe Swift fee is Activity + CLR/TRX? Does anybody know that?
  4. 10 cents per 1000 shares clearing. I believe capped at 38 cents max per trade.

    SEC 15.30/million sold

    ACT fee 7.5 cents/1000 shares sold.

    Gateways normal ecn fees, although they are higher on the nsdq tiers.
  5. Pi23


    What is ACT fee?
  6. ACT=activity fee...the execution fee is added in with the gateway fee now for some reason.