Swift Trade - Business Model

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by sfbarr, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Hey guys, as somebody who recently joined the Swift Trade army I was wondering if anybody knew at what stage of a trader's life the company starts to make money ie Does anybody know how much of a cut of the fees the company gets? I'm just curious. Theres no doubt that once a trader has "graduated" that the trading profits are split in the company's favour but given that only 10% of student traders actually graduate, I was jsut wondering if the company makes any $$$ off the trading volume of the students :confused: Thanks for our thoughts!
  2. The net has been cast - let's see who swims into it :D
  3. The 16.1 cents goes to Corbita so they can continue to improve the rock solid system (notice sarcasm). Students cost the branch money in my opinion, but im under the impression most branches dont pay students untill they reach 2k, so if a student makes 1k and gets 0 the BM is getting 70% as i belive swift takes 30% of everything no matter what. After that teh BM gets 35-20% depending on your payout.

    This is what i have heard and believe it is correct, anyone who knows better can clarify.