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  1. Hi there reading the vast number of Swift trade threads you certainly pick up a lot of negative comments which appears mainly from failed/unhappy traders.

    My question is what do the BM's think about the business itself? Is it their fault the traders are doing badly?
    Do they get enough training?
    What are their biggest gripes?
    How could it be improved?

    Comments appreciated

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    interesting post bogan

    listen I am going to swift interview on Thursday

    let me tell you, I am a finished product
    I will offer them proof and I'll see what they tell me

    if they watch me trade for few months and still don't want my business.

    then they are not really about trading but something else :confused:
  3. My question is what do the BM's think about the business itself?

    They think "show me the money", and "dont lose money, show me the money"

    Is it their fault the traders are doing badly?

    Some maybe, but most no. Being able to make it at swift is something you either have or you dont in my opinion. Certain offices might have better offices than others, but i dont think thats necessarily the branch managers fault.

    Do they get enough training?

    For what they expect/have you do? I would say yes. They teach you what the buttons are and some basic principles, and say fly at it. Again, some make it some dont, its the strategy of "if you throw enough mud against the wall, some of it is going to stick"

    What are their biggest gripes?

    Dont know

    How could it be improved?

    It works fine, they rake in huge dough, HO makes huge dough, and traders who trade miln make huge dough (and sammy).
  4. That is the worst attitude i have ever heard about swift, you will fail with that arrogance.
  5. I think what sets apart one BM from another is being able to tell who´s gonna make it and who won´t in the least time.

    ohh yeah, and when I grow up I wanna be like sammy...
  6. As a BM i think the business it self is great. It gives me and my traders the ability to make a great living for ourselves doing something we love to do. I still cant beleive i get paid to do this! Is it my fault my traders do poorly? No...i think its the traders job to make sure they do well...not mine or swifttrades...i will do what ever i can to help them succeed but in the end its 100% up to the traders. And i can say that as i was a trader myself before becoming a BM and i didnt get anymore help than any other trader and in fact i probably got less because my BM at the time was not a trader and new very little about how to be profitable. I taught myself how to credit trade sunw and jdsu and made a good living off of that....then i wanted more so i taught myself how to tradeother stocks....now i am teaching myself how to trade the NYSE and the LSE to make more money. I try and pass on what i know to my traders but for the most part i try to leave them alone and let them find out what works for them and to figure out the best way for them to become profitable.

    I find the people who gripe are the ones who cant make it....and i can say that i can understand how that would suck trading for 5-6 months and not getting paid for it....but they knew the risk when they signed up just like everybody else....not every one is gonna make money in this career and thats just the plain truth about it. Just dont whine to me that swift didnt provide you with enough training as so many other people had the same training and became successful.

    Bottom line...its the traders job to make themselves successful...swifttrade and the BM's cannot do it for them...yes the turn over rate is high....but thats part of the gig....take it as it is.

    can it be improved....of course it can...anything can be improved...and thats one thing no one can bash Peter Beck about...he is always out to find new markets...or better pricing...or improved software for his traders to make him more money. So swift is always improving trying to better itself.

    Bottom line....i love trading....i love where i work.....hate that the system crashes so often but glad they are always upgrading it to make it easier for me to make money (lol..i think its funny that they upgrades cause it to crash all the time).....and get really tired of people who know nothing of how swifttrade works bashing it. I also get tired of the washed out trainees like swifttradesuks who bash it... but at least i can understand that it makes him feel better to do so cause he spent so many months to learn he cant make a living trading. Thats really gotta suck.....but what can you do?
  7. I agree with you... i wonder if the guys at HO hire software developers on the same grounds as trader... get ppl off the street no previous programing knowlegde requiered, tell em how to compile and 6 months later... eureka! we got new software!
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    did it ever occur to you that the reason I seem arrogant is because I know what I am doing after 3 years of DAY-NIGHT sweat blood and pain.

    don't confuse arrogance with, knowing self worth.
  9. If you know what you're doing why would you work for a 35% pay out?

  10. BM's aren't a bunch of narrowheaded fools Futtrd. If you make money, as you claim, you'll stay. Do what you want, but I suggest you reconsider your attitude. Try on some modesty, and forget what you have read about swifttrade. If it's as shitty as some people say, you'll find out either way. You can come and go with class.
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