Swift Montreal Closing?

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  1. If there is one thing experience in business has taught me it's this, 'SWEET DEALS' most often end up leaving you with a SOUR taste in you mouth!
    If it sounds 'too good to be true' , it is, or will usually prove itself to be in a short amount of time. The universe requires balance, just like the markets. Things that are out of balance are unsustainable and usually correct themselves. That's it, nothing further :D .

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  2. Well said Auto.
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  3. 777


    What are the basic ideas to liquidity trading?

    What happens when a liquidity trade quickly run the wrong way?

    Are the Swift Traders really the best at this?
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  4. To my knowledge, not many Swift offices specialize in credit trading. But those that do, do it really well :p

    Of course, NMS changed the game overnight, so we'll see what happens in the next few months.

    All I can say is there's a lot more gross profits (as opposed to credit profits) being made in the credit trading game than 2 weeks ago.
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  5. true.
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  6. 7-2os


    "Sweet deals"

    Can anyone explain why profitable futures traders in montreal get 70% - 80% splits, and stocks traders at best get only 50%...

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  7. - Transitioning from stocks to futures isn't easy and takes time, especially if you were a rebate trader.
    - Futures firms charge much higher overhead fees than stock firms in Montreal as far as I know, and though $1,500/month may not be much to traders who can rake in +$10k/month, it makes a difference to many, if not most stock traders.
    - IMO 70-80% cut makes prop futs trading unattractive compared to using IB or TradeStation unless you need someone else to finance your buying power or you like the office setting.
    - The Law of Inertia

    Hmm, do you work at Saxon? Just asking after having seen your previous messages.
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    I interviewed at Saxon some time ago... they are setting up a stock team but are only looking for experienced traders with proven P+L to head it up..
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  9. speedyj


    Swift Montreal is alive and kicking with yes, Sammy behind the wheel. I know - I helped him set it up. The other Quebec based offices are also open and operating under their own auspices.

    Anyway - back to the ballgame...
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    Is this the same Peter Beck that was an analyst for RBC and was flogging dot bomb stocks like Basis 100 during the gold rush???

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