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    JBS Fires 100 Muslim Workers Demanding Prayer Time, Valor Says

    By Joshua Goodman

    Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- JBS SA fired 100 Muslim workers at a U.S. meat-processing plant after they demanded time to pray at sunset during the Ramadan holy month, Valor Economico said.

    On Sept. 5, 220 workers walked away from production lines at the JBS-owned Swift meatpacking plant in Greeley, Colorado, to protest management's refusal to let Muslims take prayer breaks in accordance with their traditions, the newspaper reported. About 100 were fired while the rest returned to work, Valor said.

    Production at the plant, with 3,400 employees, wasn't affected, the newspaper reported, citing a Sept. 10 statement from JBS. The company is engaged with union representatives and employees in efforts to find a solution that respects the religious practices of the workers, Valor said.

    About 100 JBS employees and Muslim leaders protested in downtown Greeley this week against the firings, Valor said.

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