Swift...interview in June.

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  1. Hey,

    I just got called for an interview with SwiftTrade for June.

    If read this forum...seems like u either hate it...or think its an ok start then leave.

    Im just wondering if it is at all possible to make some money in the beginning.

    Are u paid during training?

    Hours of work (9-5)?

    I just graduated with a combined honours degree in business and economics.

    Oh.... and the interview is at the hamilton office here in Ontario.

    Any help much appreciated.
  2. ShawnyV


    I hear your interview will go a LOT better if you bring in pizza for the full timers at that branch....
  3. ozzy


    Steel town. Hamilton has to be by far the worst city to live in. Only good thing about it is that its closer to the casino than Toronto.

  4. i live in burlington..... who said anything about living in Hamilton....LOL

    any serious tips?

    training is unpaid unless u figure shit out real quick? So im expected to live off of air for the training period?

  5. ozzy


    Soak up all the information you can. Get some screen time. Get a feel for the game.

    In the meantime hit that bar up by the lake (in burlington). Forgot what it was called but I used to go there quite a bit, you got a good crop down in oakville/burlington.


  6. Emma's back porch?

    Anyways...... so im seriously expected to be broke ass during training.

    And i guess since markets are only open 9:30-4....... i cant carry another job....

    Dammmmm...... this could be ruff.

    Do you guys think its worth it or what?

  7. ozzy


    Emma's that's the one.

    Trading isn't as easy as everyone thinks. You should be concentrating on how little money you can lose and not how much you can make.

    Take it slowly. Have an open mind and see if this job is really for you.

    P.S you can get a job at Emma's at night or some other bar.
  8. yea i know im not gonna roll 6 figures off the bat.

    However, i also have bills to pay.

    having no income during the training seems to be a lil bit crappy.
  9. ozzy


    Then get a normal job. You got that degree, make some use out of it. Go work downtown. Swing trade, learn the markets then make the transition. You need a plan.
  10. jmccain


    Look at it as if you were going back to school. The university doesn't pay you, nor does it guarantee that your degree will be worth something in the future.

    If you want it, you'll find a way to manage.
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