Swift firm is JUST FINE, I just went there

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by FutTrd, Sep 1, 2006.

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    yes I read all the bad reviews about swift.
    well I went for interview and I found them to be completely flexible reasonable and not against a real trader.

    ALL those who couldn't cut it at swift, would not be able to cut it anywhere.

    its complete BS that swift forces traders to scalp, its complete BS that swift is only interested in cycling kids out of university.

    swift is there to provide capital to traders who know how to trade.

    if you are a fool who believes that any prop firm Even a good prop firm like Bright
    will tell you exactly what buttons to press for the next 5 years and make you rich

    well then as the saying goes, good luck to ya
  2. bingo.
  3. FutTrd,

    I am genuinely interested in what exactly you are getting from them that fits your needs. Previously you posted:

    "I am good at Nas and SP500 futures trading, no good isn't the right word

    I am well above average, but I have trouble accessing real capital

    Bright Trading are good guys but they
    don't want a full time futures daytrader

    do you guys know any shop that doesn't think that futures are scary.

    I also need remote access, couse I ain't moving to US"

    If you start at swift and trade futures, do you not start with a $50 stop loss (4 ticks)? Wouldnt that be too tight for a guy who is a full time futures daytrader?

    Also, there is no remote access historically at swift, you always have to be in the office so you can be tied in to their many IRC/E-mail/network etc systems.

    I recall swift opening futures branches in teh past, and them being a failed experiment, perhaps you have offered them a proven system and they are jumping at the chance to let you open your own branch (and somehow set stop losses)?

    It just seems like you have gotten a special deal to accomodate your needs, and thats really cool if you did!
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    I wouldn't say I got a special deal

    I am just saying that they have no problem with my trading futures the way I want to trade them.

    look, you gotta be honest on interview.

    I told them, if you guys want me to scalp and screw around with few points, you will have a trader that loses money

    but if you let me trade how I trade, we all make lots of money.

    I found my branch manager to be open minded guy