SWIFT financial service cuts ties with Iran

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  1. d08


    The western world doing everything possible to instigate war. Nothing new.
  2. Eight


    The Western world working to defend itself against mad men with nukes.. We have the weirdest situation, normally tribal people have goats and chickens if they are advanced and the backward ones eat what they find under rocks. Now we have tribal people with a thousand+ year history of murder running oil-rich economies and aspiring to nuclear power.. and they seem to want to push Israel into the sea for some tribal-religious reasons..
  3. jj90


    @ Eight:

    You know the Persian civilization has been around since the time of the Greeks no?
  4. Eight


    I know Persians, a couple of my work buddies were Persian engineers, one had a PhD and both of them advanced the state of the art. Their government is Shiite Muslim tribal guys, no?
  5. clacy


    That's kind of Eight's point. They really haven't progressed much since the Ancient Greece time period. At least relative to the West.
  6. Time for 300 Spartans to take care of this mess.
  7. d08


    Which country is waging war around the world, killing civilians on the way? The only one doing this is the US with allies. Whether you wear military gear or rags, both are murderers when killing civilians.
    Since when has Iran ever attacked a western power? Israel is hated by many as they are trying to starve Palestinians, they've literally isolated them every way possible - people are starving to death because of Israel's politics, that's called genocide - look it up.

    There's a lot more here - http://www.ifamericansknew.org/
  8. pupu


    When are they going to disconnect Goldman from Swift?

    Seems way overdue
  9. The stupid Americans are so dishonest, that they call anything white black, or anything black white.

    The modern history tells us that the US invaded the most countries, killed the most people (including two nuclear bombs on Japan). But they always called the victim countries invaders, and themselves literators.

    Anytime the Americans killed civilians, they blamed a mental case, or blamed the usage of cameras. When the US soldiers were exposed abusing Iraqis in prisons, the US general's first response was: Who the hell took the pictures and gave them to the media?

    These Americans have no morals, only dishonesty and malice.

    Are the Goldman Sach's computers still co-located with the exchange's servers? Are we small traders being front-runned every day? Where is SEC? No morals, these Americans.
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