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  1. Pocket Zeus, would you dare to explain to us what do you think of the technology department of your company, Swifttrade?

    Do you make any comparison with other trading softwares of other companies? (do you blush, feel shame or hide under a blanket? do you think you could walk along calmly here if this web page would be not virtual but real and physical meeting?)

    What do you think of the policies of Peter Beck? Is he admired or bashed by employees of your company? Does he invite all of you every day to restaurants and buy you cars each year? (I bet he makes you pay a seat fee as well...)

    How old is Sharief Zaman? 6, 7, 8 year old? Is he capable of adding and multiplying yet? Does he know the name of the former president of United States?

    How can you explain to us how is it possible that while Peter Beck is increasing the volume traded for the company with several new branches, instead of asking for less percentage or lower comissions, he is now asking for 30 % to brand new branches and years before he was asking only 20 %? Do you call it selfishness, is he so mean and greedy really?

    How does he want to frame good traders now with this new deal that does not exist yet? Will they have to pay 0,75 $ per trade to increase his fortune?

    We hope that you dare at least to coment some things, we are intrigued to know how it feels from inside head office the constant lack of professionalism that Swifttrade offers every day.
    And all of you are very wrong if you think that the bashers are frustrated eternal trainees or non profitable traders, again, you are very wrong, it seems to be your fate. : )
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  2. just a few comments.

    people such as sharief are trying to do their job. when you work for somebody, you HAVE to follow whatever the employer tells you to do. or they will end up losing their jobs. lets just try to focus on one evil man, beck (and branch owners).

    also, i agree that MOST of the people that are bashing swift are bad traders or students who couldn't graduate. key word there, "most".

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  3. ex, funny that you should mention Hamilton. Is Nick Jackson still there? Boy, did he know alot about trading.
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  4. Oops, that was for Singer...
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  5. you mean to tell me you actually know a branch owner who knows how to trade? lol
    he's not the only one who doesn't know how to trade....

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  6. Singer


    I don't know specific people in Hamilton... just have my ear to the ground, and some trader friends still at Swift who give me updates.
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  7. It takes 1 to 3 years to really become a good trader. So it makes no sence puching your guys in the ass saying they have to get good in 3 months!

    If you want to actually keep your trader until he gets good, you need to pay him something so he can EAT.

    Once you finally have a good trader, you need to pay him good money to keep him. Give him decent buying power (which was not a problem). And have education so he can improve, not stick to a robot style of trading only scalping for rebate!

    Now Swift is a company looking short term, and so eventually they will die. Shame on them.
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  8. Nick Jackson is a class act>>>
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  9. wanna let us borrow some of that crack your smoking? i dont know of a place in the US, unless you live at home or have a second source of income, where 35k keeps you out of poverty, no offense
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  10. Please, stop being a retard and quoting stuff out of context. Go back and read the entire sentence.
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