Sweet Tooth

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  1. How do I lessen my sweet tooth?
    I can forego rice or other blah food..but when I see the sweets, I go get my tray and fill it up :D

    How do I lessen this?
  2. everyone has a sweet tooth..welcome to 100 mil others on this blue marble :D

  3. Eat fruit. Your body is calling for potassium. :cool:
  4. How do I lessen my sweet tooth?

    Go with the flow. Eat high quality sweets. More satisfying, you'll need to eat less sweets. Go find a nice italian bakery and stock up on pastries, cakes and cookies.


    I think half the problem with obesity is poor quality food. Check out a farm store and put some good homade jam on a piece of toast, whole lot healthier than a synthetic syrup jelly donut from Wall Mart.

    Part two to this whole project is to only eat your sweets with your meal, no in between meals bs.

    At any rate this is how I manage my sweet tooth.
  5. As foods go, no matter how tasty they may be and irrespective of quality, sugar, saturated fat and starch are the surest way to destroy your health.
  6. Hershey Kisses is what I used. It's individually wrap providing portion control. I eat one after each meal. Afterward, I drink lots of water to wash the sweet taste away.
  7. Is this you with you're ONE hershey kiss?

  8. Yeah, that was Christmas. Good time! :p
  9. Really? I never had a problem leaving alone the sweets. i never deliberately eat one or crave it. A strawberry or blueberry, or a juicy peach is so much more succulent; and you can eat all you want! :D