Sweeden prepares for breakup of Eurozone

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  1. Bob111


    about time..we need some volatility. i don't care where it's going to come from..Sweden? f**k yeah..bring it on..
  2. 2rosy


    retards can you read?

    Finland prepares for break-up of eurozone
    Finland is preparing for the break-up of the eurozone, the country’s foreign minister warned today.
  3. I think that breaking up the eurozone would be really good for the global economy.

    Countries being able to individually adjust and devalue their own currencies would help global growth a lot.
  4. Bob111


    i don't care if it's a finland or sweden or whatever. i didn't even read the article. i need some volatility
    whole euro idea with single currency,but without single government is f**d up from very beginning.
  5. ]

    omg same! hahah bring me some vols!
  6. Bob111


    yeah..sick and tired to see volume 1/2 of average or even less than that..look at damn VIX..lowest point in like 5 years. damn market is just dead
  7. Craig66


    :) I nearly spat coffee all over my laptop...
  8. title -shit sorry I'm still hung over, I've been on elite trader and web surfing all day after I got up at noon.
  9. i want that vix at 150 damn it! burn world burn! haha
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