Sweden's violent crime rate doubles thanks to mass immigration of 3rd worlders

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  1. Sweden used to be known for it's technological prowess and peaceful societies. Since the beginning of their experiment with "multiculturalism", they are now known for having the highest number of rapes per capita in Europe. Then again, that's what happens when you allow your country to be over run with 3rd world mongrels...


    Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe - twice as many as "runner up" the UK, a new study shows.

    Researchers behind the EU study, which will be presented on Tuesday, conclude that rape appears to be a more common occurrence in Sweden than in continental European countries.

    In Sweden, 46 incidents of rape are reported per 100,000 residents.

    This figure is double as many as in the UK which reports 23 cases, and four times that of the other Nordic countries, Germany and France. The figure is up to 20 times the figure for certain countries in southern and eastern Europe.

    The study, which is financed by the Brussels-based EU fund Daphne II, compared how the respective judicial systems managed rape cases across eleven EU countries. Sweden is shown in an unfavourable light, according to the study.

    The high figures in Sweden can not it seems be explained purely by an increased tendency to report rapes and other more minor sexual offences.

    Rape simply appears to be a more common occurrence in Sweden than in the other EU countries studied, the researchers argue.

    Over 5,000 rapes are reported in Sweden per annum while reports in other countries of a comparable size amounted to only a few hundred.

    The figures can however be somewhat distorted as it is often only assault rapes by strangers and aggravated acquaintance rapes that are reported in many of these countries - as was the case in Sweden 40 years ago.

    The high incidence of rape in Sweden has a strong connection to nightlife and partying, specifically after-club parties in private homes.

    Early sexual debuts, high alcohol consumption, "free sexuality" and the "right to say no" quite simply results in more rapes, the study concludes.

    The Daphne II fund ran from 2004-2008 and was set up by the European Parliament as a specific programme to prevent and combat violence against children, young people and women and to protect victims and groups at risk.

    In 2007 Daphne III was launched to continue the work and is funded up to 2013.
  2. Your title has nothing to do with the original title or content of the article, which was "Sweden tops European rape league". No association of rape with immigration was cited in the study.

    Are you trying to get a job with Faux News?
  3. If you compare the rape data with the immigration data the association becomes apparent.

  4. Rape occurs more frequent in the summer than in the winter. Ice cream sales are higher in the summer than in the winter. Ice cream causes rape.
  5. Only when there are lots of 3rd worlders around eating it...

  6. Eight


    I ran out of gas going through Compton on a Saturday night once... talk about violent third worlders... They were everywhere and you could just see they were planning violence... I wound up forking over the car AND the gas money, who needs gas money when you don't have a car and who needs a car when you are going to die, right? They took my clothes and made me wear a sign that said "Free Pussy". I was such a good sport about things that they let me live. They walked me to the border and told me to tell all my kind to stay the hell out unless they were buying drugs, they didn't want their ethnic culture messed up by whities...
  7. STOCKHOLM -- Sweden is bucking the immigration trend in Europe by opening its labor market to foreign workers of all skill levels without quotas, despite an economic recession and rising unemployment. (not to mention encouraging ethnically and culturally heterogeneous 3rd worlders to comprise the majority of that immigration).

    Yet of course, covert will tell you that this immigration policy has nothing to do with Sweden going from one of the safest places in Europe to having the highest rape rate on the continent...

    It almost makes you think that Sweden and the USA are someone.. I don't know... cooperating or something...