Sweden's central bank raises repo rate to 0.75%

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  1. 1000 %. Double dip recession. ;=)
  2. MADRID (MarketWatch) -- Jobless claims in Spain rose 1.6% in August, an increase of 61,083 against the prior month, bringing the total number of unemployed to 3,969,661. The rise is the first after three straight months of declines in jobless claims. On an annual basis, jobless claims rose 9.4%. Jobless claims had trended downward. "This increase in jobless claims, even though it's not good news, still is much less than the past two years and maintains the tendency for the data to gradually to return to where it was prior to the crisis," said Maravillas Rojo, Secretary General of Employment in Spain. Euro-zone data released last week showed Spain's unemployment rate remains the highest in the region, climbing to 20%.

  3. Yeah, but two dissenters at the RiksBank is somewhat significant. Svensson has always been a bit of an outlier, but not Ekholm (and she's damn hot, btw). Why can't more CBs have sexy Swedish babes like her on their boards?
  4. You be the judge. :cool:
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