Sweden's Central Bank drops deposit interest rate to negative

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  2. There's a thread on this already, isn't there?
  3. Is the Swedish equivalent of the Fed Funds futures trading above "par"? :eek:
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    Looks like Swedish 1M government bills are yielding 0.2%, if I'm reading the central bank data correctly. Couldn't find a futures for their overnight rates
  5. STINA is fixing arnd 25bps with 1wk at arnd 30bps. As mentioned in the other thread, the negative CB depo rate doesn't actually mean that anything will trade there.

    PS: There are no futures in SEK money mkt. It's all OTC, i.e. FRAs and OIS swaps.
  6. The Swedes are neanderthals. :D
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    But if affects the other rates. the bankers will try to get rid of excess reserves
  8. Yes, and the hope is that instead of depositing it at the Riksbank and paying 50bps negative carry the banks will lend it out term, which is the whole point of all the shenanigans.
  9. Yes. Yes. Yes. :)
  10. Sorry, nazz,

    have to correct you : they are "Vikingrs"...


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