Sweden Considers Cashless Society

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  1. When I saw the article I thought "money-less society".
  2. That will completely eliminate the homeless in Sweden.

    "Hey buddy, can you spare any change?"

    "Sorry, I dont have any cash because it doesnt exist anymore"
  3. poyayan


    how stupid this is?

    State sponsor for Visa and Master?
  4. ammo


    great if you trust the banks,what a joke
  5. Great idea, i Support it.
  6. Maybe Sweden should implement something where a person has to have a mark on their head or hand and without that mark, you cant buy or sell anything....
  7. drcha


    When I was in grad school ten years ago, the school had a smart card for each student. You could do absolutely everything with that card--food, books, incidentals. No worrying about your wallet being stolen or, as I am likely to do, left on a cafeteria tray. I loved the convenience.

    However, that is quite different from my government knowing every single thing I do. They don't need to know all that.

    I admit I am too lazy to read the article. My guess is it's going to enforce tax payments, and that is the real reason they want it.
  8. ammo


    instead of banks pulling there currency off the market,they can just confiscate it,will the same people who tanked the market in 08,and put the voying ,uninformed public on the hook for a few trillion be controlling these figures,makes one all warm and fuzzy inside
  9. jem


    can you imagine what that would do for the IRS? with lifestyle audits.

    or the welfare roles if people's spending was tracked.

    But, think of the chilling effect it would have on govt opponents.

    All in all it is an terrible idea of you believe in a free society.
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