Sweden and the Euro

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  1. Interesting article about Sweden's rejection of the Euro. It made me realize that, while the USD definitely has problems, the Euro is anything but stellar itself:

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    After seeing the after effects of the Euro in places like Ireland (we bought a house there about 2 years before Euro came into play) I can honestly say I hope the UK never takes it onboard, for exact same reasons as that article states (article didnt seem to state that prices rocket afterwards however also) Too many countries with their own agenda (mainly France/Germany). One policy does not cover everyone well.

    The only problem is that they can simply hold another referendum until they get the vote they want..They did it in Ireland, when voting on the new members joining, the first No vote was not acceptable, so they had another vote later on until they scraped a Yes through..then...no more votes.

    I hope this vote shakes the very core of the EU and places some hard questions at the table of France and Germany.
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    "four of five of Sweden's main trading partners are outside the euro, including the United States." (Chicago Sun-Times)

    Exports - partners:
    EU 54.6% (Germany 10.6%, UK 8.8%, Denmark 6.1%, Finland 5.7%), US 10.5%, Norway 8.6% (2001)


    Imports - partners:
    EU 66.3% (Germany 17.8%, UK 8.7%, Denmark 8.2%, Netherlands 6.9%, France 6.5%), Norway 8.5%, US 6.7% (2001)

    Source: CIA World Factbook - Sweden http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/sw.html#Econ
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