Sweating Obama Camp To Bring In The Big Guns

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JamesL, Oct 20, 2012.

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    She has already shown that she will trot out liars as she did against Cain. I'm surprised Cain didn't sue her and her client for defamation.

    She'll need some proof other than 'he said, she said'. The same thing can be done to Obama.

    We'll see.

    Update: There is a story out there that sounds rediculous to me. But if brought up a couple days before the election it could hurt Romney since there wouldn't be much time to get the truth out there to refute it.

    It certainly isn't below Obama and Allred trying something like that.
  4. 1.For court action yes,to wreak Romneys campaign in the final days she wont need any proof .She didn't need any proof to take down Cain or Meg Whithmen

    2.The right has already tried the sex scandal thing with Obama...it went nowhere
  5. Bring on the lynch squad.:D.
  6. Mitt diddled Maria. Big deal.

    Or Mitt was diddled by Raul. Now that is a big deal.
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    I wonder what in investigation of Gloria O would find? Somebody should make a career out of trashing her just so we could believe in justice.
  8. Whatever it is, expect some market moving stuff.:D.
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    You should take that up as your first career!
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    The worst thing they are ever gonna find on Mitt is something like;

    1) He once got overly angry at female employee and told her to quit being "so darn stupid". Therefore, Mitt thinks women are intellectually inferior. [Nov 8 edit] Mitt consistently hires more women to upper management positions than all other governors during his tenure, and most other businesses. He actually makes a concerted effort to do so.

    2) He once fired a black woman. She insists that she was excelling at her job and sees no legitimate reason for termination. NYT to fill in the rest of the assumptions. [Nov 8 edit] She was laid off along with 20 other employees during the economic downturn due to shrinking revenues.

    3) A former female campaign aide feels that Mitt consistently flirted with her... [Nov 8 edit] When he greeted her in the morning he would maintain eye contact longer than necessary and a few times they rubbed shoulders as he passed her in the hallway.

    It must drive them crazy not to be able to find any scandal in Mitt's personal life. Reference his joke at the Al Smith Dinner. His strategy for debate prep. "Abstain from alcoholic beverages for 65 YEARS, prior to the debate." It's a funny joke, but this is really what the opposition is up against.

    The only thing they can hit him on is policy gaffes and flip-flops. That card has been played for 6 years and has no potency left.
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