SWC - I am regretting posting this already

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by drsteph, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Not to fan the flames of the fanatical, but...

    Anyone else look at SWC's price action and see accumulation at 13.50 for a buyout?

    I apologize if this brings back any of the tinfoil hat people.
  2. dstod


    I'm seriously considering shorting this on Monday with a tight stop.
  3. If a buyout is in the works , are you saying the company or individual who wants to do so would buy the stock without filing a 13D?
  4. I'm not that familiar with current regs on buyouts, and I'll apologize for my ignorance. Besides, I thought you only had to begin reporting if you had over a 5% interest in the stock. Not sure if you could fool around with multiple trusts, parallel accounts, etc... to accumulate more (would need a lawyer to tell us that).

    I just wanted to comment on the price action which I thought was unusual. Speculation, only, and really just talking off the top of my head.

    And yes, to the poster above, this does seem to be coming to the end of its move.

    Just in case, for full disclosure, long SWC.
  5. patch227


    Did you get filled?

  6. dstod


    Yes, I shorted SWC at 15.36 yesterday morning and covered today at 14.14

    Thought i'd be able to cover under 14 but it seemed to find some good support just above the figure..

    Will watch closely this week for a possible short re-entry...
  7. dstod


    This thing popped again. Looking to re-enter short around 16.50 next week.