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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by 1bigsteve, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. I'm thinking of getting an HP m7590n Pavilion for stock trading. It has a Pentium D 940 CPU at 3.2GHz.

    I would like to take it's CPU out and put in a Core 2 Duo CPU. Do any of you guys know if it is possible to do that or do I need a different mother board? I'm Computer stupid.

    I asked HP this question but they treated me like I'm trying to steal their corporate secrets.

    What I really need is a computer that is super fast and is loaded full of RAM 2-4GB. I'm not a gamer, just a trader. I don't think much of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 OS because it prevents use in a "corporate envirement." I would rather have XP Professional. I am sick and tired of computers that are under powered and lock-up everytime I try to run two stock programs at the same time. It makes me feel I'm driving a Model T at the Indy 500. I want to buy a fast computer that will give me no problems. I'm tired of sucking hind t--.

    HP is willing to build me what I want. Do you think that is the way to go? Thank's guys.

    -1bigsteve (o:
  2. A Pentium D 940 is a dual core CPU - 2x 3200 Mhz / 2x 2MB Cache - Codename "Presler". So what do you want ?

    You can upgrade to the 3600Mhz version, but performance gain will be minimal.
  3. Core 2 Duo needs a motherboard with Intel 965 or 975x chipset. Most current motherboards won't work.

    Before looking for a hardware solution, you should try to identify where the problem lies. eg malware, some other process(es) consuming CPU cycles etc.

  4. What I want is to run a Core 2 Duo CPU, which is much faster than the Pentium D. I just don't know if the new Core 2 Duo will fit in the Pentium's slot on a HP m7590n Pavilion. I don't want to buy a new computer today and find out that I can't upgrade to a Core 2. Heaven only knows when new HP desk top computers will hit the shelves with the new CPUs. This month, next winter. HP doesn't say. I need a new, faster computer right away. I can't do any trading until I do. My stock charting program was just upgraded leaving my CPU and RAM eating the dust.

    With my luck I'll buy a new computer this week and the new Core 2 equiped computers will hit the shelves next week :wtf:P. I'm always late for the party but this time I want to get a jump on it.

    -1bigsteve (o:

  5. Thank's, dcraig. I had a strange feeling that the mother boards would be a problem.

    There isn't any physical problem with my computer. No virus, malware and such. It's just old and underpowered. It has 256 MB of RAM and an AMD Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47GHz CPU. Remember that one? I think Noah had it on the ark ;o). Upgrading mine wouldn't be worth it.

    I need something fast and reliable. I'd really like to wait for the Core 2's and just drop in more RAM. My stock charting program now calls for 512MB minimum with a 1.8 GHz CPU minimum. I know what "minimum" means. Sloooow!! What I want is a Core 2 CPU equiped PC with 4GBs of RAM. I hope I'll get one soon. The Core 2 PC's are supposed to hit the shelves this month.

    -1bigsteve (o: