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  1. I would like to be able to transfer large files that are about 500mb, but can easily be split into smaller chunks (say 10-100mb depending on the max size that can be transferred), from a friend's home computer 1000miles away.

    I'm not very familiar with FTP and have never attempted this before. I looked through cnet.com for downloads, and tried a program called community works 1.1, which is supposed to allow you to specify your IP address, and the IP address of the computer you want to swap with. It was supposed to be very easy to use and great for newbies (according to user ratings) but for some reason when I installed it and set it up, it kept giving me an error saying it was unable to get my computer's IP address, and would close down after that. I don't know if it was because I am behind a router, but it definitely wasn't because I had zone alarm running, since it gave me the same error when I closed zone alarm.

    Can anyone can recommend a program (having to pay is fine, provided they have a demo phase where I can make sure it works with very little tweaking, since the other end of my swap is very computer illiterate) that will allow fairly large files to be transferred easily over the net?

    I would prefer the ability to directly connect with the other computer, as opposed to having to upload to a website, and then download from the other end. Bandwidth is not an issue; we have cable/DSL (but are both behind routers), and we are both running win2k pro.
  2. Tom Frey

    Tom Frey

    There are dozens of possibilities to swap files over the net:

    1. you could use any instant messanger which support file transfer: ICQ (www.icq.com) , MSN (http://messenger.msn.com), AIM (http://www.aim.com/index.adp) .. to mention just a few
    And it's really easy .. just you and you friend have to install the same and add each other on the contact list

    but though you mentioned that it didn't work with something similiar it could be that the ports on your router are closed down ... so either you open them up ;) .. or you go for ftp as the ftp port should normally be open .
    this would be client -> server sided so one you two has to set up the server .. the other use the client

    For this purpose i'd recommend the BulletProof FTP server (http://www.bpftpserver.com/) .. really easy to handle
    Client sided you can use whatever client you desire.. even the Internet Explorer works... you just have to log on the ftp this way:

    hope that helps a little.. if you got any further questions don't hesitate to ask


  3. Tom Frey

    Tom Frey

    bah how to disable the damn smilies? =) ..

    should be "user : pass" .. but without spaces
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    yes, because you are behind a router/firewall your private IP is unreachable.

    you need a program like kazaa

    it will allow you precisely what you ask..
    a good idea is to encrypt your file and only share a folder with nothing else in it than what you want to share.

    please note : kazaa does install some adware on your computer, and I don't like that. so I don't fully recommend the software. but this should give you an idea of what kind of software you should look for. the advantage of this kind of software is that it's safer than installing a FTP server on your machine (which needs adjustment to open a port through your router). With kazaa type software all the IP stuff is hidden from you. It can handle also broken connection, stop and resume etc..


    PS : often file features of messengers don't work through routers.
  5. WinRAR is a good compression program that supports archives of multiple files which size can be set.

    FTP requires that one of you have an ftp server. Also firewall issues are a common problem. Telnet and ssh are much better for what you are doing but are typically only available under a unix platform. Try emailing or a chat program. IRC programs also support direct file transfer. Try to pick one that has a protocol that can recover if the transfer breaks.

    If you are both behind firewalls (Internet Gatewatys) you are going to have problems, except if you use an intermediary,like email. Unless you configure your firewall to open up the ports.

  6. Tom Frey

    Tom Frey

    why should kazaa work over a router where e.g. ICQ fails?
    It as well needs to open up port 1214 in case there is no socks running
  7. tntneo

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    tom, I don't know why..
    what I know is that MSN messenger, Yahoo MSN don't work through a linksys router/firewall. Kazaa does.
    I can guess why, but I don't want to speculate. I am just sharing what I experienced (ICQ I did not try).
  8. I don't know kazza, but I know what's going on with the firewall. Assume both ends are firewalled. Typically one end is the server and the other is the client. The client initiates a connection. If his firewall allows the outgoing connection, it will reach the server's firewall. The server's firewall must allow the connection to pass to the server. The server will then typically do one of two things:

    1.) The server will tell the client to continue the conversation on a different server port. This will fail unless the server's firewall is opened up to allow the connection on the new port.

    2.) The server will attempt to connect to the client on another port that the client initially told the server to reverse connect on. If the client's firewall is not opened up on the additional port, the connection will fail.

    This is a simplified version of what actually happens. FTP is more complex because it uses two sockets, one for data and the other for control. Setting up a firewall to function correctly can be extremely difficult. If the file transfer is to happen only one, I would strongly suggest an intermediatery. Email or ftp up to a commonly accessed ftp server.

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    then maybe burn a CD and FEDEX it.