Swap your Maxtor HDs for my WDs?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gnome, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. gnome


    20, 30, 60, & 80G... all in perfect shape.

    I use 9 HDs in my backup scheme for 3 PCs. I like Maxtor's MaxBlast 3 for cloning, but one of the HDs must be a Maxtor for the software to work.

    It's cumbersome to work around the non-Maxtors, so I'd like to replace some/all of the WDs with Maxtors.

  2. MrDinky


    Grab a copy of Casper XP from here: www.fssdev.com
    You'll like it a lot better than MaxBlast - trust me!

  3. Luto


    Is this a single CPU license? I check the site and could not tell if one could install it on more than one machine...

  4. Luto


    but they have a 3 pack for $99.

    Still cheap!
  5. gnome


    Maxtor's MaxBlast3 works perfectly, and it's free.
  6. gnome


    I searched Google for a couple of hours and tried a few programs. While I'm sure Casper XP works great, I settled on something different...

    Western Digital's Data Lifeguard... the DOS version. It is a variant of OnTrack Data Manager, but unlike Maxtor's MaxBlast 3 which requires one of the HDs be a Maxtor, WD's does NOT require that EITHER HD be WD. (I copied a Seagate to a Seagate, and it worked just fine.)

    Instructions (requires 80 wire IDE cable, not 40 wire):
    1. Download the DOS version of Data Lifeguard 11.0
    2. Installing it creates a floppy disk.
    3. Set both HD's to "cable select".
    4. Have the source drive on IDE cable Primary in primary position.
    5. Plug the destination drive into Secondary cable, primary position.
    6. Boot from the floppy and follow instructions.

    It's free. Enjoy.

    PS I'd tried Data Lifeguard from the CD before, but it didn't work correctly on my Win2000 rig... the DOS one does!
  7. Got a question - does Casper back up the registry files as well? Many backup utils fail to back up those key files or ones that are in use at the time.
  8. MrDinky


    Casper XP backs up everything perfectly while you're running Windows, so you don't even have to deal with DOS mode. It's the only program I've found that can make a perfect clone, including the system files. That's why I'm plugging it and, no, I don't work for them.

  9. gnome


    I called Casper folks, and they wanted $99 to license the copy software for 3 machines. (Personally, I think that's a hosing.) Casper has functions to cope with changing partitions and others, so it will be worth if for some.

    a. MaxBlast 3 and Data Lifeguard also make PERFECT clones.
    b. It is no more trouble to "plug in the 2nd HD and run from floppy" than to "plug in 2nd HD and run from Windows".

    Oh, and did I mention... MaxBlast and Lifeguard are F R E E ??