SW Michigan Traders

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by tyler19, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. tyler19


    Anyone on here located in SW Michigan?
  2. Rysco12


    Hi Tyler...I live in Kalamazoo. I trade options, futures, and currencies. Don't know of that many people in the SW Michigan that are active traders. I have been wanting to get a group started for a while now. Would love to have some people to kick ideas around with and just talk shop once in a while. Where are you located? Let me know what you think of getting a group started.
  3. tyler19


    I live near Saint Joseph. I am not currently an active trader, still studying and I don't have the capital. If your still interested in starting a group let me know.
  4. NIU76


    if you guys are intersted in starting a group let me know...
  5. semipro68


    I live in K-zoo, and am studying options trading tactics. Would be interested in forming a group.

  6. farmboy


    I live in BattleCreek area. I am currently trading futures.