SVOS EUR/JPY D1 Modified Discussion

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by ElectricSavant, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Has anyone tried this EA...?

  2. da-net


    I updated the link with the EA..Thanks for the heads up...


    fwiw...there was no mq4 file in your zipped files for the EA. I copied the EA mq4 code you posted tried to compile it but there were errors, probably something I did wrong in copying. So I downloaded the EA modified mq4 file from your link, compiled it w/o errors.

    Was unsure about the VHF indicator, but found the answer here;

    while I was @ the link I grabbed a copy of the original EA.

    after compiling the EA it needs to go into the ....../EXPERTS folder

    the set file needs to go in the ...../EXPERTS/PRESETS folder

    and the VHF indicator needs to be placed in the ....EXPERTS/INDICATORS folder

    After attaching the EA to the EY chart, then load the presets and attach the VHF indicator for everything to function.

    hope this info helps others!
  3. Have you noticed that the last six trades have been winners... This is a fine EA thus far...

  4. tk17


    I have been reading the code for the SVOS Expert Advisor and had a couple of questions.

    This EA operates on a 24hr timeframe (PERIOD_D1). The code marked "Assess for Buy" and "Assess for Sell" is located after the test

    if (Volume[0] > 1)
    return (0);

    So this means that a trade will be initiated once per day only. Is that correct? Isn't this a restriction? If you receive 10,000 ticks per day, you're only acting on the first one.

    The EA is hard coded for EUR/JPY. Would this strategy work for other currency pairs, assuming you modified the appropriate parameters (ex stoploss etc). And what about other timeframes.

    ElectricSavant mentioned that the last last six trades have been winners. Could you post the opening and closing times of these trades and the prices. And do you know if these were in a trending or ranging market (this is determined by the VHF indicator). Thanks.

    Have you been trading this with real money or was it on a demo system?
  5. tk,

    Thanks for reading the code and deciphering some of it. I was thinking about taking this out of demo to live. But with your observations noted, I might wait a little until I understand what I am trading...Yes I in fact only get one trade per day...some days no trades...I find trading less makes more money...hehe

    With what you explain SVOS is merely a simple trend trader because of the risk boost setting...

    As far as other pairs...If you know how to code (I am a copy and paste amateur) then by all means post the revised code in this discussion thread with your improvements. It would be great to introduce other pair possibilites and to incorporate a multicode that enables four and five digit dealers...even ECN models.

    The statement in the attachment below shows different lot sizes because of the input titled "risk boost". I have it set to 2...I think the default is 3. When trading with the trend the risk boost multiplies the trade size by the number you put in there. I am only testing with a $300.00 demo on Tadawul that has a 0.05 trade size increment.