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  1. I am considering taking a job at susquehanna. what have you guys heard about them??
  2. My mate is is charge of one the branches they have a great culture that runs throught the whole place. Great place to work but they work HARD
  3. Definitely a good firm. What type of job is it?
  4. Prop trading running mainly around convertibles some market making futures etc but there are a range of positions. The pay is good they are all doing very well and the whole tading team are nice guys not big heads like you camn get at some big houses
  5. Congrats. I would be all over it. SUSQ is definitely a top tier firm. If anything you will have that many more options or choices down the road.
  6. thanks guys, very good to hear. My other offer is at SAC capital management?? which one would you all go for if the $$ was about equal (which it is)??
  7. I work at another big market-making firm. SUSQ is a top firm, but if you can get into SAC there is no question you should go. There is more money for up and coming traders in a hedge fund environment like SAC than in a market making capacity like SUSQ.
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    Anyone with offers from SUSQ and SAC wouldn't ask for advice on which to choose. SAC doesn't hire traders w/o an exceptional buy or sell-side track record. SUSQ and SAC, sell vs. buy side, apples and oranges.

    100% certain that he's not been offered a trading position at SAC. Either he's a troll, or it's some BO position.

    I know a top-performer at Citadel that was rebuffed by SAC. Lets get real, guys. I am sure RenTech and DEShaw are preparing offers as well.
  9. not true, that's ridiculous. no harm iin asking some peoples opinions. I have a MFin from Princeton.
  10. Bill - Can you scan the offer from SAC into a PDF file so we can all see it ? If I were you, I'd frame it.
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