Susquehanna International Group

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  1. Is anyone here familiar with/work with SIG?

  2. I think they are big firm and have been around for many yrs

    but are structured differently than the usual prop firms
    you see on elite trader ...

    they might have main offices in Phila PA

    good luck
  3. For SUSQ....

    1200 employees in trading, research and IT, with offices in the US, Europe and Asia
    Largest US option market maker and specialist
    Institutional sales in listed, OTC, ETFs, options and ADRs
    Soft dollar research offering independent, third-party providers
    NYSE specialist in over 150 listings
    Nasdaq market maker in 500 stocks
    A leading specialist and liquidity provider in exchange traded funds
    The leading sector index options trading firm
    Introducing broker on the NYSE with 100% floor coverage
    Extensive international securities trading operation from Dublin and Sydney
    A leading municipal securities trading operation
    Convertible securities trading operation
    OTC currency and fixed income derivative dealer

    Hope this helps.
  4. among other things is well known in Chicago for being a first class option mm who treats their employees fairly.
  5. Hardrock, can you be a <i>little</i> more specific? :D

    No, really, thank you all a lot.
  6. I have been on Susquehanna's upstairs trading floor a few times (their old Philly office and their Bala Cynwyd office).

    Unlike the stogy typical investment banks, the office appears to be generally younger people just trading different things (like convertibles or ADR arbitrage). Merit system instead of other places (i.e., seniority, better connections, etc.).

    Casual atmosphere. Lunch provided.

    Good comaraderie. Team work is the key. if you are not part of the team, then you are not welcome at Susquehanna.

    Good group of people.

    I would rank them as a good group of collective market wisdom since they share information together to make better trading decisions. For example, if their traders in the S&P pit are seeing strong buying, they will let all traders know through their internal system and the other traders can plan accordingly.
  7. trade QQQ's lately?

    Susquehanna is the AMEX specialist for them.

  8. seth, I should have put this under the 'hook up' category.
  9. They provide the fastest bullet executions!!!!
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    What do you mean by this - I know the statement is obvious, but I am not sure how I can benefit from this?

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