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  1. has anyone worked for this firm ?? opinions on the enviroment, etc. ???

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  2. What positions are they hiring for? (I know I ended the sentence with a preposition, but I'm in a hurry)

  3. no clue :confused:
  4. I don't work for them. But well respected on Wall Street. I doubt they are doing much hiring. Also, tend to hire straight out of college. They look for exceptionally bright people (ie Math SAT 750 +). Mainly market makers in stock and equity options. Good luck getting an interview.
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    They actually had a listing for a junior trader with a few years ago that I applied a form letter and that was it. I knew it would be a shot in the dark. Surprised they even went that route.
  6. Latest focus is on institutional brokerage. They have been trying to build by hiring experienced sales traders (read - ones with established books).
  7. i don't think susquehanna traders can match any prop. trader, they trade against their pricing model and generate revenue through market making spreads.
    that's not trading
  8. They're probably laughing at your comment ----> all the way to the bank.
  9. Trading is buying low/selling high., managing risk, getting a positive expectancy edge. Hmmmmm. buying on the bid/selling on offer, hedging with other instruments that through their highly paid quants and supercomputers are able to quantify and identify. Edge that is not evident to most prop traders coz they only have q charts and esignal..

    I think timberhill almost made 1 billion dollars last year by doing the same thing. OK I'd rather not be a trader and make the $ they are making. Heck. I'd be a shoe salesman if I can make their $.
  10. Not to mention the $ they are making creating exotic options for Wall st firms. Options with strike prices that change depending on the date, exp dates that change depending on the underlying, options whose terms change depending on OTHER options, options would make Natenburgs' and Mcmillan's head spin.
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