suspicious on lows

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  1. how bout them buyers of semis on the big red candle on the early post of lows, this market is manipulated like a #@^*&^%$
  3. why dont you add some insight instesd of some pathetic criticism

    Do you honestly think the market is manipulated?
  5. Gosh buddy, don't you know it! Them pesky market makers is always gettin in the way of me trying to make me profits.
  6. yes,,,,,,and if you even think for a second its not, trade qlgc, nvda
    or xlnx for a week
  7. I have traded the semis for the last three years. Overtheline is somewhat correct. However the manipulation stems from a few factors.

    The sheep are out of the game, thus the Funds are the key triggers. These Funds seem to be buying and selling around key support and resistance. The Sox is in a range, might break a little higher or a little lower, nevertheless a range.

    Funds are trading with Funds, up to 4 million in volume and that is skipping the floor. They are trading big blocks with each other. They are not sending these orders to the floor. Thus, you can get some of these techs running up in a second with out any signal from your indicators.

    Many short squezzes are coming and they are hard to time. There is very few new monies comming into these semis...just churnning funds. This makes it difficult to trade these babes...not like 99/00 when they led the way.

    However, the sox is a key leader in these current markets....
  8. There are no MM on the ECNs. So manipulation by any "specialist" is absent using ISLAND/REDI/Instinet, Hypothitcally. Of course these "MM"s can fake size and show that they want to sell 1000 only to come in as you hit them...turning around and buying 10000. Thats the game.....
  9. I'm sorry, I just don't think all the semis could have been manipulated. Maybe, some bottom just fishers got lucky. Maybe, they have some secret formula that finds the bottom on the semis.
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    Maybe the market simply moves in the direction that will hurt the most # of participants???

    It is quite obvious that there were mass #'s of shorts building over the last 1 1/2 sessions THEY SIMPLY GOT SQUEEZED off the open...

    I never quite understood what one means by manipulation in the markets... If an MM, specialist, or any other participant has an objective and the ability to bring a market up than how exactly can this be considered manipulation??? It is the will of the market, which is nothing more than a reflection of the manifested beliefs of all its participants...

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