Susanna: right or wrong?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rolextrader, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Was she helping the trading community by closing her well-regarded journal in protest over Baron having Puretick as a sponsor?

    Voice your opinion.
  2. why does she care if they are a sponsor, why can't she just ignore them??
  3. I think she has valid personal reasons for her protest. Unfortunately, I don't think her "hunger strike" will be effective in getting Puretick kicked off of ET.

    I personally which she had left the thread open, even with her choice to not participate on ET, since the thread had built up a decent community of PA traders. I say this even though I found her posts and her charts the most helpful of all contributors.
  4. The attacks got personal.
  5. The good news is she may restart the journal at traders laboratory where the tolerance level for low content posting is zero.
  6. Ok, that sucks. But can't she put them on ignore? I mean, if you really can't stand someone, you can, in essence, take them completely away from your ET world.

    A dick or not, sponsors keep this site running. If Baron made it such that you could not ignore sponsors then I would agree with her position. But all she is really punishing is herself and other cooperative members.

  7. Tums


    If you want people's opinion, you should first give a description of the spate and accusations they have between them.
  8. I hope not, I am still waiting for Alex, et al to meet my challenge of posting CASH P&Ls... that or subscribing to a monitoring service.
  9. Protesting by removing yourself from ET is sort of a self defeating strategy. The only way she should respond is to keep posting and using her free speech to expose what she is fighting against. Boycotting because a site has a sponsor you don't like is not going to get results. I was enjoying the Price Action Journal too so it is kind of a shame. Oh well.
  10. Word is she is moving to the "other" site where rules are more strict.

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