SusanaDT, Where are you?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bmwhendrix, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Looking for an update on how your trading is going.
    You blow up, hiding or just counting your money?
  2. My trading is going wonderful, thank you for asking.

    Just not participating in ET because this board has become a Puretick extravaganza. Notice how most of the good posters all left.
  3. I'm not a Puretick fan, but paid sponsors are the ONLY reason this board continues to exist. Put them on ignore and stop being a baby about the whole thing.

  4. No, don't put them on ignore, harrass them! It's much more fun to watch them froth at the mouth and spew bile and spittle on their keyboards!
  5. Or this! :D

  6. So, anyway, Susanna, please come back. I made enough money trading that I put a second story on the single wide to make my trailer park's first double-tall!

    PeeIss: The stairiz hain't billded yit, so yer'l hafter clamber up th' old ilm tree ter vizzit!
  7. Redneck


    Mr Deco,

    You too may be part Redneck Sir:D :D

    Take Care
  8. Eight


    I'm a good poster, I can spell and everything. I'm still here too but lots of people have put me on ignore.. the dumb ones tell me i'm going on their ignore list and then I can make fun of them and they won't know it... :)
  9. Pekelo


    Hey genius, you CAN'T put sponsors on ignore.

    Thanks for nothing! :)
  10. Not sure why YOU can't, but I CAN put sponsors on ignore :)

    #10     Jul 24, 2009